We tried gaming on the Samsung CHG90 ultrawide gaming monitor

The best way to immerse yourself in a video game? Go wiiiiiiide.Samsung’s CHG90 gaming monitor is about as wide as monitors come. We had some Insider Inc. employees give it a whirl. Following is a transcript of the video.

Antonio Villas-Boas: We are here with Samsung’s CHG90 super-ultrawide gaming monitor. This thing costs $US1,200 at full retail price. I’ve seen it a little lower on Amazon, at $US900 I believe. I’ve been using this thing for about a month or so, and I’ve absolutely loved it. It’s really, really cool. The thing is, I’ve been hoarding it, and I think it’s only fair a few other people over here at BI give it a shot.

The games:

Fortnite Battle Royale

Battlefield 1


Fortnite Battle Royale:

CiCi Qin: I feel like I’m at an IMAX theatre, but you’re controlling everything.

Medha Imam: It almost has this 360 feel to it, even though it doesn’t really go all around.

Andrew Meola: I’ll try not to do as much cursing as I usually do when I play at home.

Medha: So this monitor itself – I feel like I see things definitely more clearly, but everything also on the screen seems very vibrant.

CiCi: This is too much perception for a video game I feel like.

Medha: How do you go back again? W, A, B? Oh, my God, I’m dancing again! Wait how do you? Oh … no, no!

Andrew: The rocks, the houses, you can even see stuff in the distance a lot more clearly too. Which is also important because there are a lot of people who like to use sniper rifles in this game, which is hard to defend against.

CiCi: Nooooo!

Producer: Good try. Well, that’s pretty much Fortnite.

Battlefield 1:

Antonio: I’ve been using this monitor for about a month or so now. So I’m a little bit more used to this monitor than a lot of people who’ve been playing.

Amanda Curran: I’m like really nervous. Oh, my God! The graphics on this are unreal.

Sumit Pal: Yeah, it’s … this is … incredible.

Antonio: It sucks you in. I’m having a hard time talking. I mean, this monitor looks phenomenal. Strangely enough, this is an 1080p monitor. Which means 1080 resolution. That’s not as sharp as 2K and 4K, which is what a lot of people … [crickets] … you know, they would want those monitors.

Amanda: This feels super intense. Like, really, really intense. I’m a little spooked. I can’t it’s – oh. Oh, no. Sorry, RIP.

Sumit: I like how realistic everything looks. It feels as if I’m actually here, just pulling the shots. Very intense game.


Sumit: There’s no bezel in between. There’s no shifting from one side of the screen to another. I think the curves on this display really help.

Amanda: I mean, the graphics on this are really nice. Imagine playing The Sims on this. That would be something.

Final Thoughts:

Producer: Would you pay $US1,200 for this monitor?

Amanda: Yes. People spend like $US3,000 on their computers, so $US1,200, that would be sick! Yeah, I’d spend it.

CiCi: For $US1,200 – not sure if the experience is worth it.

Medha: So, I personally wouldn’t pay $US1,200 for this screen. Maybe it’s because I’m just not a big gamer and whatnot.

Sumit: I just feel that for the average person, and the average gamer, it’s just a little too high. I just don’t think it’s practical in that price range.

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