Take A Tour Of Samsung's Gigantic Exhibit Space At CES, The World's Largest Tech Conference

Jim EdwardsOne of Samsung’s ‘booth babes.’

Samsung made a big splash in Las Vegas this week with the launch of a new line of gigantic, ultra-high definition curved-screen TVs.

The fact that director Michael Bay flubbed his lines, panicked, and walked off stage right in the middle of the company’s keynote only shone the spotlight brighter on the company.

The launch took place at CES, the world’s largest tech conference, which takes place inside three aeroplane hangar-sized buildings just off the Vegas Strip.

We got a look inside.

The exhibit 'booth' was probably the largest at CES. It was so big that if you approached it from the wrong angle it was difficult to find the entrance.

The main entrance showed off the company's big new product line, ultra-high definition curved TV screens, up to 150 inches wide.

At the entrance we were greeted by this woman ...

... and her colleague.

(To be fair, most of Samsung's booth staff were dressed like this.)

The TVs looked impressive -- they can lie flat at the click of a button, too.

Did we mention that curved screens were a big deal for Samsung this year?

All told, Samsung's space was about the size of a small city block.

If you need a vast, wall-sized video screen, Samsung can sell you one.

There were rows and rows of Galaxy phones and tablets ...

You could try them all out. These are Galaxy NotePRO models, with a 12.2-inch screen. They go on sale soon.

The section of the exhibit devoted to Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note phones had a soccer theme. It's part of Samsung's pre-World Cup ad campaign.

There were a bunch of household products on display, too: This, allegedly, is the world's largest laundry washing machine.

Samsung also makes dishwashers, and they had a glass one on display so you could see what it looks like on the inside when it's working.

Perhaps you'd prefer a fridge the size of a New York apartment?

Samsung has integrated a bunch of software into the BMW i3, an electric car, so that you can control parts of it with a Galaxy Gear smart watch. The watch will tell you how many miles the car has left until it needs charging, whether the windows are up or down, and whether the doors are locked.

Samsung also has a partnership with toymaker Kidrobot this year.

We weren't entirely sure how Samsung's products are supposed to integrate with these things.

The Smart Lounge was invitation-only. So we wanted to go inside ...

... but there wasn't much to look at. It's just a place for journalists to hang out and work.

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