Samsung Has A Crazy Concept Video That Shows What It'll Be Like Using A Smartphone With A Bendable Screen

Samsung has been pretty open about its plans for “unbreakable” bendable displays over the last few years. In fact, it showed off a working smartphone prototype at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

At Venturebeat’s MobileBeat conference today, Samsung showed off a concept video that demonstrates how such displays could revolutionise regular smartphones.

Imagine a super-thin device that can adapt its interface depending on how you fold it up. It could be a full-sized tablet one moment, a smartphone the next.

The video also dips into wearable tech when a woman uses a special sensor to test her blood and send it to a doctor. 

Take a look at the video, which was uploaded by AllThingsD’s Ina Fried. We’ll try to hunt down a cleaner copy, assuming Samsung uploads it to its YouTube page.

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