It's official: Samsung will announce the Galaxy S9 on February 25th

Business InsiderThe Galaxy S9 will reportedly be very similar to last year’s Galaxy S8, pictured here.
  • Samsung is set to reveal the Galaxy S9 smartphone at an event on February 25th.
  • Our only hint is that Samsung will focus on the new phone’s camera features.
  • Earlier leaks seem to indicate that the S9 might be very similar to the S8, in terms of both design and specifications, apart from some new features for the camera.

Samsung is officially announcing the long-awaited Galaxy S9 smartphone on February 25th, at a special event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Here’s the invitation received by Business Insider:

Samsung galaxy s9 invitationSamsung

It’s pretty minimalistic, but it contains one big hint as to what this event holds. For starters, there’s the big 9, which seems to give the game away.

Otherwise, the only thing we have to go on is the tagline: “The camera. Reimagined.” This tracks with a leak earlier this month, holding that the the biggest difference between the previous S8 and the new S9 will be found in the camera.

Thanks to what appears to be a leaked retail box for the Galaxy S9, we can guess that the internals of the device will be similar to its forebear, but carry new camera features, including “super slow-mo” and “super speed” features for the rear camera, and the AKG-tuned stereo speakers. The relatively weak front-facing speakers were among people’s biggest complaints with last year’s Galaxy S8.

Of course, that assumes that the leak is accurate. We’ll know for sure when the Galaxy S9 is officially introduced in Spain on February 25th, so stay tuned.

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