Samsung Blasts The IPad's Lack Of A Multitask Function In Latest Apple Attack Ad

Samsung recently released this ad mocking iPhone users, who it affectionately rebranded “Wall Huggers,” for using phones with bad battery life.

Now, the brand has taken another shot at Apple, this time poking fun at iPad users because they can’t multitask on their devices.

The new spot, posted to YouTube on Friday, tells the story of a sad dad who just wants to keep tabs on a soccer game but his baby is not amused. The dad tries his best to switch back and forth between soccer and the animated movie “Rio,” but that does not stop the baby’s tears.

But replace that tablet with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S and this dad can entertain his kid and watch the game at the same time using the tablet’s split screen feature. He can even accept an incoming call at the same time.

Agency Spy notes that this ad, and another about the high contrast on Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets, are both attempts to try and convince people to buy Samsung products over Apple products.

Here’s the full ad:

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