Samsung: We're Working On Smartphone Chips That Are Just As Good As The One Apple Announced This Week

J.K. Shin Samsung mobile CEO unveils galaxy s4REUTERS/Adrees LatifSamsung mobile boss JK Shin.

One of the key improvements in Apple’s new iPhone 5S is its processor called the A7. The A7 is a 64-bit chip that’s about twice as fast as the chip in the iPhone 5.

Without getting too technical, that means graphics, animations, and apps all run very quickly and smoothly.

Samsung, Apple’s chief rival in smartphones, does not make devices with 64-bit chips. But in an interview with The Korea Times, Samsung’s mobile boss JK Shin confirmed that its next Galaxy phones will have 64-bit chips.

Shin also said Samsung will try harder to sell its products in Japan and China since Apple will now sell the iPhone on more carriers in those countries.

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