rumour: Samsung’s Next Tablet Will Have A Massive 12-Inch Display

galaxy tab

[credit provider=”Dan Frommer, Business Insider”]

By now it’s pretty clear Samsung probably won’t show off its next big Galaxy smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.But that hasn’t kept rumours from popping up about the company’s next new tablet. This time it’s an 11.6-inch model of the Galaxy Tab. (Right now, the largest model of the Galaxy Tab is 10.1 inches.)

According to Android And Me, a prototype of the 11.6-inch model of the Galaxy Tab was hidden in a back room in Samsung’s booth at the Consumer Electronics Show. Android And Me says the prototype was used to show off a new processor Samsung plans to use in future devices.

That report also backs up a rumour BGR reported several weeks ago. BGR also said the new Galaxy Tab will have a high resolution screen, similar to the Retina Display on Apple’s iPhone.

Based on Samsung’s current product lineup, we wouldn’t be surprised if it did announce a larger tablet. It’s strategy seems to be to offer as many tablet sizes as possible. (It calls that offering options to the consumers, but feels more like it’s trying everything to see what sticks.)

It’s also important to note that even though Android And Me saw a prototype of the 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab, doesn’t mean Samsung has plans to release it. Companies always show off concepts at CES that never make it to stores. For example, Toshiba showed off a 13-inch tablet at its CES booth and Sony had this funky tablet with a morphing back.