Samsung May Release An 11-Inch Tablet That Has A Retina Display Just Like The iPad

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1This is the Galaxy Note 10.1, expected to launch soon.

Samsung may still release its rumoured 11.8-inch tablet this year, according to court documents uncovered by The Verge. The documents are part of the legal battle between Samsung and Apple.The tablet’s screen is said to have a screen that rivals the resolution of Apple’s iPad.

We first heard about the tablet when BGR reported Samsung was working on it several months ago for a possible spring 2012 release. That obviously didn’t happen, but it looks like the tablet is still on the company’s product roadmap for this year.

Samsung is expected to formally announce a launch date for its Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet in about two weeks. That’s the tablet that comes with a stylus like the Galaxy Note phone on AT&T and T-Mobile. Samsung has delayed the Galaxy Note 10.1 a few months so it could beef up its specs to match the iPad.

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