Here Are Sample Questions From The Redesigned SAT

College Board announced changes to the SAT in March, refocusing the college entrance exam on more practical questions that ideally will compliment what students are learning in school.

The essay portion of the test — introduced about 10 years ago — will now become optional, while the reading portions will look more for evidence-backed answers and the maths portions will have different sections for when students can use a calculator. College Board released sample questions from the redesigned test this week.

We’ve compiled a few of the sample questions that show the range of the new test. Read below and see how you would do (answers at the bottom):

Students would have to answer this maths problem without a calculator:

But could use one for these two questions:

This reading question focuses on the student’s overall comprehension of what they just read:

While this question asks them to connect a graphic with a passage:

ANSWERS: (C, C, A, C, B)

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