Maryland Projected To Approve Same-Sex Marriage

Obama Hands Gay marriage Newsweek

Photo: Newsweek

It was a close fight but the Washington Post projects that Maryland will approve same-sex marriage, As of 12:02 a.m. Wednesday, 52 per cent of Maryland voters voted to allow same-sex marriage in the state, according to the Post.

80-four precincts had reported by that time.

Last week Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley told reporters his administration had a “real shot” at getting same-sex marriage approved and praised Brad Pitt for his work on behalf of the issue.

Maryland is set to join the handful of other states that allow same-sex marriage, including New York, Washington D.C., and New Hampshire

Same-sex marriage was also at issue in Maine, Washington, and Minnesota.

Around 9:30 Tuesday night a little more than half of voters in Maine had already approved same-sex marriage.

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