Same-sex marriage campaigners say the guy who headbutted Tony Abbott in the street is 'beneath contempt'

A screenshot of CCTV footage obtained by Sky News of Tony Abbott walking in Hobart before alleged headbutt.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott, also an avid supporter of the “No” vote on same-sex marriage, was headbutted in Hobart last night.

Since the incident, social media has blow up with both sides of the debate condemning the violence.

For “No” voters, such as Abbott, it has provided them with proof of a common argument supporting their campaign that this vote is not about marriage, rather freedom of speech and political correctness.

“The ugliness is not coming from the defenders of marriage as it’s always been understood — the ugliness, the intolerance and indeed in this instance, the hint of violence, is coming from those who tell us in the name of decency and fairmindedness and freedom, we’ve got to allow same-sex marriage,” Abbott told the ABC, following the attack.

“If the actual debate about same-sex marriage is producing this kind of intolerance and bullying, how much worse would it get if the brave new world of same-sex marriage actually came to be?”

While not for the same reasons, those from the “Yes” campaign are equally disappointed, condemning the violence and arguing the action’s of one person is not reflective of the cohort.

“There is absolutely no place for violence in the marriage equality debate,” Alex Greenwich, independent MP for Sydney and co-chair Australian Marriage Equality tweeted.

“This is about treating people fairly and with respect and dignity.”

Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality spokesperson, Rodney Croome said the attack on Abbott was “beneath contempt”.

“I urge both Yes and No supporters to act with respect and restraint because, when this postal survey is over, we will still have to live together, side by side, as Australians,” he said.

“This attack on Tony Abbott, like any violence on the basis of political belief, is beneath contempt and has no place in Australian public debate.”

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