7 Stats We Just Learned About Same-Sex Couples

The US Census Bureau just released information on same-sex couples as part of its release of the 2013 American Community Survey data. Here are some of the highlights from the release.

Same-sex couples are a bit more educated than straight couples. While both married and unmarried gay and lesbian couples are about equally likely to have both partners holding at least a bachelor’s degree, unmarried heterosexual couples are half as likely for this to be the case as married straight couples:

Along with being more likely to have higher educational attainment, same sex couples tend to have higher incomes than straight couples. Gay male couples, both married and unmarried, have very high average annual incomes, while lesbian couples, married or unmarried, make about the same as married straight couples. Unmarried straight couples had the lowest average income:

Married couples of all orientations are more likely than unmarried couples to own their own houses. Unmarried same-sex couples are more likely than unmarried straight couples to be homeowners:

Both partners are more likely to be employed in unmarried couples of all three orientations than in married couples:

Both married and unmarried heterosexual couples are more likely to have children than gay and lesbian couples:

Interracial marriages are more common among same-sex couples than among heterosexual couples:

Same sex couples are, on average, a little older than heterosexual couples. Unsurprisingly, married couples tend to be older than unmarried couples:

For more data, check out the Census Bureau’s site here.

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