Samantha Bee: It's too late for Republicans to turn on Donald Trump now

In the wake of Donald Trump’s vulgar-tape controversy, there has been a stampede of Republicans pulling their support of the GOP presidential candidate. Samantha Bee thinks they’re too late.

“A whole lot of Republicans were grappling with the discovery that their Muslim-banning, Mexican-insulting, race-baiting, disability-mocking, alt-right-channeling demagogue might not be such a good guy after all.”

John McCain, Condoleeza Rice, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carly Fiorina, George Pataki, and John Kasich are among the many Republicans who have said they’re no longer voting for Trump.

“If you haven’t stood cravenly by while he insulted [women] for a year,” Bee said of the fleeing Republicans, “you wouldn’t be in the pile of elephant s— you’re in today.”

Bee suggested they should have listened to Barbara Bush in February, when the former First Lady said she couldn’t vote for Trump after seeing how he spoke about women. 

Bee didn’t spare Paul Ryan. The House Speaker condemned Trump’s comments in the recent rape, and said he would no longer defend or campaign for Trump. Instead, he’s turning his attention to this election’s congressional races. Yet he stopped short of officially pulling his endorsement of Trump.

“In the past year, you’ve condemned Trump’s disgusting stance on Muslims, the KKK, Gold Star families, Latino judges, and now women,” Bee addressed Ryan, “without ever withdrawing your support for his presidency. You don’t have the courage of a single one of your convictions. But you were smart to disinvite Trump from your Fall Fest. He wouldn’t have been able to resist grabbing a p—y like you.”

Watch the video below:

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