Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck form an uneasy alliance: ‘It’s all of us against Trumpism’

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Samantha Bee has struck what seems like a strange alliance with conservative TV host Glenn Beck over their mutual opposition of President-elect Donald Trump.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t acknowledge that their audiences could be annoyed at their newfound partnership.

“My audience is going to think that I am crazy for sitting down with you,” Bee said on Monday’s episode of TBS’s “Full Frontal.”

“My audience hates your guts,” Beck responded. “My audience would like to stab you relentlessly in the eye.”

So it’s fair to say there’s a lot of political ground that both hosts and their fans don’t share. But both hosts, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters for their sit-down, said they were willing to put those differences aside for a greater goal.

“I think that our future is going to require a broad coalition of nonpartisan decency,” Bee said. “It’s not just individual people against Donald Trump, it’s all of us against Trumpism.”

Beck stunned his fans when he spoke out against Trump, calling him “under-educated” and a “danger to the republic” in a CNN interview in September.

Beck said of his brand of political commentary: “I’m not a pessimist, I’m a catastrophist.”

He then said he felt Bee had adopted “a lot of my catastrophe traits” on “Full Frontal.” When she appeared shocked at the idea, the former Fox News host pressed on:

“Do you believe there’s a chance we fall into a dictatorship under Donald Trump?” he asked. “Do you believe there’s a chance we lose our freedom of speech and press under this president?”

“How does it feel to you that this is your legacy?” Bee shot back.

Watch Bee’s interview with Beck below:

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