Samantha Bee demolishes one of the most popular conservative conspiracy theories

Sam bee
‘Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.’ YouTube/Full Frontal

The “Deep State” is a popular conspiracy theory among supporters of President Donald Trump, and even within the White House itself.

Fox News has been talking about it a lot lately, and Samantha Bee has a problem with it. The belief holds that there’s a network of powerful government agencies and the military secretly manipulating the government. The idea of a shadowy Deep State has taken hold in the highest levels of Trump’s administration, as the Associated Press reports.

On Wednesday night, “Full Frontal” showed a series of clips of people on Fox News talking about the Deep State that ended with Sean Hannity saying, “The Deep State that we talk about, they’re out for blood.”

“The Deep State is so deeply buried in its deepy deepness, Sean Hannity had to pull it from the depths of his a–,” Bee said. 

Then the show played a clip from Alex Jones’ show “Infowars,” with caller Paul Sperry claiming that Obama is commanding an army of activists at his home two miles away from the White House, and that he could “spark something” like a civil war. 

“God, you guys get so upset every time a black guy moves into the wrong neighbourhood,” Bee said, as the poster for the new racially charged horror movie “Get Out” came on the screen behind her.

“The Deep State is like polio,” she said. “It exists, just not in America right now.”

Watch Samantha Bee’s segment on the “Deep State” below:


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