Samantha Bee: Why Democrats need to stop acting like losers

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Since the presidential election, many Democrats have been wondering how they lost. But Samantha Bee thinks there hasn’t been enough focus on what they got right.

“Five weeks ago, the Democrats lost the presidential election, the Senate election, the House election, the Supreme Court, and the will to live,” Bee said on Monday’s episode of TBS’s “Full Frontal.” “Democrats are now officially in the wilderness. In some cases, literally. They’re acting like any desperate party lost in the wilderness would, by attacking and eating each other.”

Recently, a New York Times article suggested that the Democrats’ focus on “identity politics” was a reason why much of white America voted against Democratic candidates.

But Bee doesn’t buy the idea at all. She believes “identity politics” is the “dismissive term” for civil rights.

“OK, one, white male is an identity. And, two, the only way white racism is a phantom is that its most iconic uniform is literally a ghost costume,” the host said as a photo of a KKK rally appeared on the screen.

According to Bee, Democrats have been blinded by their recent losses so much that they can’t see what is right about the party. And, of course, the Republican pundits aren’t helping matters.

“Stop it! Come on, Democrats,” Bee said. “There’s losers’ Stockholm syndrome and then there’s taking your talking points from [Fox News host] Steve Doocy and pals.”

Democrats are starting to believe everything that’s being said of them, Bee argued. Pundits claimed the Democrats didn’t talk about the economy and jobs enough during the election.

“I think Hillary [Clinton] did mention jobs, which Americans might have known if the news media had been doing theirs,” Bee said, as numerous clips of Clinton talking about jobs during campaign rallies played.

In fact, Bee referred to a Washington Post report saying that voters in every swing state preferred Clinton to Trump on economic matters.

“Look, Democrats, I know you’re having a rough time,” Bee said in the segment’s close. “But if your panic over a loss makes you abandon both your principles and the people who actually vote for you, then you’ll be in the wilderness for a decade, or until Trump’s camp sells the wilderness to oil companies. So really, about a month. By all means, invite working-class white people to the party, but don’t let them take over the DJ table.”

Watch the “Full Frontal” segment below:

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