Samantha Bee has a fascinating theory for why Donald Trump is winning the Republican race

Samantha bee on donald trump midterm 2010 election

As Donald Trump gets closer to clinching the Republican presidential nomination, many are wondering how America let it happen. Well, Samantha Bee has a theory, and she laid it all out during Monday’s “Full Frontal.”

She says our Trump 2016 problem can actually be traced back to the 2010 midterm elections.

“Just one of those boring midterm ones that does not make videos about,” Bee joked. “And just like with our college midterms, most of America figured it was fine to sleep through this one.”

The 2010 election had very low voter turnout among democrats, minorities, and youth voters.

“You know who didn’t sit 2010 out? People who were old, and white, and super-cranky about something,” she said. That election saw the highest percentage of conservatives to vote in the history of exit polling.

That would lead to 87 freshman senators and congressmen, which included, according to Bee, “a host of ill-qualified, unfit newbies.”

Samantha bee on donald trump midterm 2010 election 2
‘When the voting public looked like the cast of ‘Cocoon,’ they turned this country redder than Carrie’s prom dress.’ TBS

This new influx of lawmakers would take the leadership away from Democrats, and breed a congressional culture of blocking legislation, avoiding compromises, and thus drive politicians’ popularity with the American people to all-new lows.

“Congratulations! You did manage to make yourselves less popular than genital warts,” the host said.

As a result, at least if you buy Bee’s theory, unhappy Americans are looking for a candidate who isn’t part of the status quo, someone they believe will actually work for them, and feels independent.

As Bee summarized, Washington left “Americans so frustrated, they’re willing to vote for the first two-bit wall salesman who says he’ll stop Mexicans from raping their jobs.”

Watch Bee break her theory down below:


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