Samantha Bee says white people have some work to do after electing Donald Trump

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Samantha Bee was not afraid to point a finger at the group who predominately voted for Donald Trump. And she’s willing to share the burden.

But before that, Bee opened Wednesday’s special post-election episode of TBS’s “Full Frontal” like many Americans started Wednesday. She went to sleep excited that the election was finally coming to an end. Her dream featured a star-studded array of celebrities, fellow media people, and others who became prominent during the election. They included Jon Stewart, Larry Wilmore, Katie Couric, and Stephen Colbert.

And just like many Americans, she woke up to the realisation that Trump had won the election — for Bee, a living nightmare for Bee.

“How did everybody get this so spectacularly wrong?” she asked. “Pollsters, the media, the ‘Keepin It 1600’ nerds, us. What was the X factor none of the forecasts accounted for?”

After joking that she has a way of bringing bad luck to things she does and thus her voting in her first American election (Bee is Canadian-American) was maybe to blame, she then got down to who she says is really responsible for electing Trump.

“Once you dust for fingerprints, it’s pretty clear who ruined America: white people,” the host said. “I guess ruining Brooklyn was just a dry run. The Caucasian nation showed up in droves to vote for Trump, so I don’t want to hear a goddamn word about black voter turnout. How many times do we expect black people to build our country for us?”

Bee wasn’t afraid to take the blame herself and encouraged other white people to do the same.

“If Muslims have to take responsibility for every member of their community, so do we,” the host reasoned.

What really got her was the role of white women in overwhelmingly voting for the real-estate mogul over Hillary Clinton.

“Hope you got your sticker, ladies,” Bee said. “Way to lean out.”

In the end, the host celebrated the new women and minority women who were elected to office. Then she encouraged her viewers to work toward bringing diversity to government.

“Let’s get off the floor and get busy, especially you, white women,” she said. “We’ve got some karma to work off.”

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