Samantha Bee calls out Trump for ‘Muslim ban’: ‘Own your pointless cruelty’

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Samantha Bee focused on the refugees affected by President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban and dared him to admit that it’s a discriminatory ban on Muslims.

“I will shut up about immigrants now, because I want to talk about refugees. Not the same thing,” Bee said on Wednesday’s episode of TBS’s “Full Frontal.” “Immigrants are people who leave their country hoping for a better life. Refugees are people who flee their country hoping just to stay alive. Also, refugees don’t get to pick where they go — they wait patiently for any country to take them, kind of like how some people spent prom season.”

While Trump’s executive order temporarily blocked travellers from entering the US from seven predominately Muslim countries, it also banned all refugees from entering for the following 120 days and banned all Syrian refugees indefinitely.

In order to express the full consequences of the US refusing to admit refugees, Bee took us back to World War II and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s denial of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe. Coincidentally, Roosevelt and Trump have used the same reasoning to defend their refugee bans: a desire to avoid a “Trojan horse” — enemies of the US who gain entry as refugees.

“F— you, F.D.R., they weren’t Trojans or Nazis, they were Jewish refugees,” Bee said. “And they definitely did have something to fear besides fear itself… The way America welcomed the last non-Christian war refugees to knock at our door was one of the most shameful stains on our history, which is saying a lot.” 

Bee said she wouldn’t harp on last week’s controversy over the White House statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day that didn’t mention the Jewish people, a complaint it said was “nitpicking.”

“I’m talking to people who fraud-whistle the Holocaust,” Bee said. “Fine, I won’t mention this refugee ban is immoral, embarrassing, and inhuman. I’ll just point out that it is the act of a giant p—-.”

She then called on Trump to be brave enough to admit that the refugee ban is a strike against Muslims, not potential terrorists.

“You want a Muslim ban? We know you do,” Bee said. “So say it already, Mr. Straight-talker. Slap your meat on the table and face the legal consequences like a man. Don’t puss around by banning territories that just happen to be Muslim… Own your pointless cruelty. That is why America voted for you, except for the majority of Americans who didn’t.”

Watch Samantha Bee in the video below:

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