Samantha Bee says Trump ‘just lumbered’ right into Clinton’s trap during the debate

Samantha bee presidential debate donald trump hillary clinton

Pretty much everyone from the viewers to the political pundits have named Hillary Clinton the winner of the first presidential debate.

It’s also heavily documented that Donald Trump didn’t prepare for the bout nearly as much as Clinton did, and, according to Samantha Bee, that was probably his downfall.

“In the lead up to the debate, Team Trump made sure their boy was just gonna wing it,” the host said on Wednesday’s special debate episode. “Whew! Disrespecting the voters is chill. Yay, ignorance!”

Meanwhile, Clinton took some days off from campaigning to heavily prepare for the debate, which would ultimately be watched by a record 84 million viewers. And Bee thinks that he underestimated how prepared Clinton would actually be.

“She spent months building an elaborate trap for Trump,” Bee said of Clinton’s debate preparation, “And he lumbered right into it. All she had to do was step out of his way while he called a woman fat.”

Bee is referring to the claims of a former Miss Universe, who has alleged that Trump, a former owner of the Miss Universe organisation, had made comments about her weight, including calling her “Miss Piggy.”

“Mr. Stamina failed at just about everything he wanted to achieve that night, except maybe one thing,” Bee concluded, while replaying Trump saying that he wanted Clinton to be “very happy.”

“Really? Well, mission accomplished!” Bee said.

Watch the segment below:


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