Samantha Bee apologizes after mocking man with brain cancer for having ‘Nazi hair’

Samantha Bee

Comedian Samantha Bee apologised Thursday for inadvertently including a man with brain cancer in a segment about “Nazi hair” at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

A segment on an episode of “Full Frontal” this week observed that one style of haircut, known as the “Hitler Youth,” was especially prevalent at CPAC this year. The segment featured shots of young men with the haircut, which is short on the sides and long and slicked back on top.

“Just last year, CPAC was dominated by Ted Cruz supporters and chirpy little s—- with bow ties,” a narrator says in the segment. “… This year, the bow ties were gone and replaced by Nazi hair.”

But one of the men featured in the segment recently found out that he has brain cancer, as his sister subsequently said on Twitter:

Bee responded in a tweet hours later:

Kyle also tweeted at Bee:

The “Nazi hair” part of the segment has been cut, and the version of the video now on the “Full Frontal” YouTube channel now has narration that says, “This year, the bow ties were gone and CPAC was decidedly Trump country.”

“Full Frontal” executive producer Jo Miller said in a statement to The Washington Post that the show had “apologised to Mr. Coddington and his family members” and would donate money toward his cancer treatment.

“We wish him all the best in his fight against cancer and sincerely, deeply regret offending him and his family,” Miller said.

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