Sam Dastyari offers to eat 'HALAAL' vegemite with Pauline Hanson after they both received a jar for Christmas

Photo: Pauline Hanson/ Twitter.

It was only in July that One Nation leader Pauline Hanson realised senator Sam Dastyari was Muslim.

Unfortunately for her it was on live national television.

Dastyari has today revived the frisson, offering to eat some customised Vegemite with Hanson.

People have been creating customised jars of Vegemite through Kmart’s website for just $10.

The pair apparently were sent jars of ‘HALAAL’ Vegemite for Christmas.

Hanson believes Australians are “forced” to support the halal certification process.

“I find it offensive to think I’m buying an iconic brand like Vegemite or Cadbury that are now halal certified, so I’ve made my own decision to stop buying these products, and I am aware of many other Australian’s following in my footsteps,” Hanson said last year.

She was clearly unimpressed with her gift.

“This Christmas gift just arrived in the mail. #auspol #halal #Vegemite #merrychristmas #funnybecauseitistrue,” she wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, unknown to Hanson, Dastyari also received the same present.

Dastyari took the opportunity to reach out to Hanson, saying: “@PaulineHansonOz I got one. Will we eat it together???”

Trolling or not, it’s a terrific update to the Hanson-Dastyari halal-driven tensions.

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