Meet The Next Huge Star Of The 'Hunger Games' Franchise

sam claflin

Photo: YouTube

British actor Sam Claflin was just cast as Finnick in the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” movie which means he’s about to be a huge star. The first “Hunger Games” movie grossed hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office and made the careers of stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth

Here’s what we know about Claflin:

  • He’s 26 years old and was born in the UK. His dad hosted a radio station and his mum was a classroom assistant.
  • He once dreamed of being a soccer star and often talks about the sport on his Twitter page. 
  • Before the “Hunger Games” came calling, his biggest role was in the 2011 film “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.” 
  • He also appeared in “Snow White And The Huntsman” with Kristen Stewart.
  • He’s dating British actress Laura Haddock. 

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