Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford's gutsy decision 5 years ago has made him an insane amount of money

Sam BradfordGetty ImagesSam Bradford will have made more than $US78 million by the end of his rookie contract.

On the first day of the free agency period, the Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams shocked the NFL world by trading quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Nick Foles along with draft picks.

While Bradford hasn’t won many games on the field, that hasn’t stopped him from making a ton of money in his still-young career.

In just five years in the NFL, Bradford already has $US65.1 million in career earnings even though his teams have won just 18 games with him as a starter. But Bradford would have never made that much money if not for a brilliant decision when he was in college.

After injuring his shoulder in the third game of his junior season at Oklahoma, Bradford chose to have season-ending surgery. He then declared himself eligible for the 2010 draft before he even had surgery, and was eventually taken by the Rams with the first pick.

Even though Bradford was taking a risk (teams could have easily been scared away by his injured shoulder), the move proved to be brilliant and fortuitous for two reasons:

The 2010 NFL Draft was absurdly weak in quarterback talent

If a team was looking for a franchise quarterback, Bradford was really the only choice, even if he wasn’t a great option.

Check out the names of the next nine quarterbacks taken in the draft: Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, Mike Kafka, John Skelton, Jonathan Crompton, Rusty Smith, Dan LeFevour, and Tony Pike. Of those, only Clausen and McCoy are still in the NFL and neither of them are starters.

If Bradford had returned for his senior year, he would have been in the much-deeper 2011 draft which included Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, and Colin Kaepernick.

The 2010 NFL Draft was the last draft before the 2011 CBA put limits on rookie salaries

Bradford signed an enormous 6-year, $US78 million contract, with $US50 million guaranteed, before he ever played a down in the NFL. A year later, under the new collective bargaining agreement, Cam Newton was the top pick and signed a 4-year, $US22 million contract (all guaranteed).

Of course, it would have been even less than that for Bradford who almost certainly would not have been the top pick in 2011. Blaine Gabbert, who was the tenth pick of the 2011 draft, signed a 4-year, $US12 million contract. Bradford will have made more than $US78.0 million by the end of the 2015 season, his sixth in the NFL.

Sam BradfordGetty ImagesSam Bradford was drafted No. 1 even though he injured his throwing shoulder.

If you go back even further, you can make a case that Bradford made a second brilliant decision, when he chose to skip the 2009 draft and return to Oklahoma for his junior year.

The 2009 draft was not as deep as 2011. But the first round did include Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, and Josh Freeman. As the 17th pick of the first round, Freeman signed a 5-year, $US26 million contract and made just $US17.8 million in his first four seasons.

Sam BradfordGetty ImagesSam Bradford is winning off the field.

The huge investment in Bradford didn’t work out for the Rams unless Foles turns into a top NFL quarterback. But Bradford made himself an enormous amount of money when he took a shot and entered the 2010 draft.

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