Sam Adams’ New Crowdsourced Beer Is A Really Smart Marketing Campaign

sam adams crowd craft project

Sam Adams has a new social media marketing ploy up its sleeve — it’s crowdsourcing a new beer (via Creativity Online).

The campaign is called the Crowd Craft Project. All you have to go is go onto its Facebook page and put in your input. You can influence the colour, clarity, body, hops and malt. Voting ends February 5th.

It’s teaming up with social media guru Guy Kawasaki for the campaign, and will debut at his party at South by Southwest (SXSW) on March 13th. The new brew will also be available at select Austin bars, and at the Sam Adams brewery in Boston. There’s no word yet on whether it will be distributed elsewhere, yet.

It’s a pretty cool, and potentially effective, social media marketing idea. Why?

It’s engaging. Not only do consumers get to interact with the brand, but they get a tangible payoff in the end when they get to see (or if they’re in the area, taste) the end result. People want their voices to be heard, and having that payoff really helps.

And since it’s integrated right into social media, it’s both easily accessable and allows fans to quickly get the word out.

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