Salma Hayek just got a restraining order against a woman who allegedly impersonated her and threatened to kidnap her child

Actress Salma Hayek obtained a restraining order Friday against a woman who has allegedly impersonated her and “made a veiled threat regarding kidnapping and ransoming Hayek’s minor child,” according to The Wrap.

According to The Wrap, the restraining order states that the alleged actions of two people, a woman named Liana Geordie Philippon in coordination with Orlette Bodagh, include “
concocting ruses to meet Hayek’s family members and obtain Hayek’s contact information, impersonating Hayek to another celebrity, attempting to directly contact Hayek herself, and impersonating Hayek in contacting Hayek’s minor child. In one communication while posing as Hayek, Philippon made a veiled threat regarding kidnapping and ransoming Hayek’s minor child.”

Philippon is listed as a 25-year-old Caucasian.

Philippon has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards from Hayek, her husband and her daughter as well as from the star’s residence, workplace, and her daughter’s school.

The order states that Kayek has never met Philippon.

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