Salim Mehajer is hiring for a new PA with legal skills and the ability to keep quiet

Photo: A Current Affair/ Channel Nine.
  • Sydney identity and former politician Salim Mehajer is recruiting for a personal assistant, posting a job ad on his for his family’s Zenah Project Developments.
  • Mehajer was released from prison in May after serving 11 months for rigging a NSW local government election in 2012.
  • The former Deputy Mayor of Auburn came to prominence over a lavish wedding that shut down a street in Sydney’s western suburbs without permission.

Infamous Sydney identity and electoral fraudster Salim Mehajer is back in business, hiring for a personal assistant on jobs site Seek — and he’s hoping the successful candidate will be a master of discretion.

Mehajer was released from the Cooma Correctional Facility in May after serving 11 months on 77 counts of electoral fraud for his role in rigging the local election in September 2012, which saw him gain public office and now he has seemingly returned to his original career in property.

A job ad posted by Zenah Project Developments, first spotted by, makes no bones about the colourful figure the candidate would find themselves reporting to.

“You will be working alongside a high profile individual (namely Salim Mehajer),” the ad warns at the outset.

But despite the fact that the company being so upfront about its connection to the disgraced former deputy mayor, it also wants to bind any would-be PAs to secrecy.

“All applicants will be required to enter into a confidential agreement,” the job ad warns, indicating they may become privy to some juicy tidbits.

The construction and property development company is on the hunt for a candidate with existing PA experience, excellent communication skills and computer skills, who will be tasked with managing Mehajer’s appointments and meetings — which will presumably involve regular correspondence with his parole officer and booking American rappers for birthday parties.

In fact, the ad says the successful candidate will also be tasked with “managing business interests in legal … units” — which I guess is better than being asked to manage his interests in illegal units. Perhaps Mehajer has seen the light in prison?

Would-be applicants will sure be hoping so, keen to avoid becoming collateral damage. Mehajer’s sister Zenah Osman — whose name bears a striking similarity to that of the hiring company — was banned from working as a solicitor in May 2018 after becoming embroiled in the scandal surrounding her brother.

They may also be comforted by the fact that Mehajer — a man who allegedly once threatened to rape the parents of his wife — will not actually be in attendance at the interview.

Instead, candidates will be quizzed in groups by a separate employee of the company, during which salary expectations will be revealed.

Given Mehajer’s wedding to Aysha Learmonth is believed to have cost more than $1 million, perhaps the wage for this PA gig will be especially generous.