Not As Big In Government As It Wants You To Think

The U.S. government launched its cloud computing website this week.

The site lists government-approved cloud computing applications and software-as-a-service products federal agencies can buy off the site.

Poking around the site, it seems as if (CRM) is the big winner here.  The company lists a slew of products for sale in the business applications category. encourages that perception. Daniel Burton, SVP of public policy at told us half of all cabinet level agencies use products.

“Numerous agencies that already use products, and they are happy customers,” says Daniel Burton, SVP of public policy at “And in areas like CRM, analytics, asset management, we have a clean sweep.”

But while all that access to the government’s purse sounds like big business for and its shareholders, it doesn’t amount to much in terms of dollars.

Shawn McCarthy, research director at research firm IDC Government Insights, says software only makes up “a fraction of 1%” of software that the government purchases.

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