(CRM) Director Likes The Competition’s (CRM) Marc Benioff held a press lunch this afternoon, but we weren’t able to attend (also, we didn’t get an invite). Had we gone, here’s the question we would have asked of the voluble CEO:

Marc, we just took a look at the registration form for NetSuite’s upcoming IPO, and we’re curious: Do you think it’s odd that your board member Craig Ramsey has spent $3.5 million buying a .4% stake in your competitor?

To be clear: We honestly don’t know what to make of this. We understand that Craig, a former CEO at now-troubled Pay By Touch, has a son who works at NetSuite, and we certainly don’t think there are any legal issues involved here. But we can’t imagine that Marc would be terribly excited to have his one of his advisors betting on the competition. (Craig, by the way, bought the shares from Zach Nelson and Evan Goldberg, Netsuite’s CEO and CTO.)

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