Salesforce Wants You To Scrap Your Web Site And Use This New Service Instead

Mike Rosenbaum

Photo: Used by permission.

If you are sick of having to manage a company website and then dink with Facebook, has an offer for you.The company today launched a new web hosting tool called

As with all things to do with these days, its claim to fame is “social.” It lets a marketing person enter content into the tool once and publish to multiple places like a web page and a corporate Facebook page provided that the Facebook page has already been setup with appropriate tabs.

Naturally, integrates with data, which can be pretty nifty. If you are storing open job information in, for instance, you can let that automatically populate a careers page, complete with a form that let’s people apply for the job. That same form will show up in Facebook and on your website and entries to it will be managed from

Best of all, you can do it all on your own, says’s Mike Rosenbaum. “Marketeers don’t have to work with the IT department on their website anymore,” he told Business Insider.

If this sounds appealing, it will run you $1,500 a month plus an additional $20 to $125/month for every user.

Early customers include Häagen-Dazs and Hewlett Packard, says Rosenbaum.

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