Salesforce Unveils Major Platform Upgrade, Stocks Fall 2%

Cloud vendor has unveiled Salesforce1, a newly built, mobile-first platform that combines SMS, calendar and call data from users’ mobile devices with data from Salesforce’s various customer relationship management products.

The platform upgrade comes with a host of new features for partners and developers and a new mobile app that looks and feels like Facebook for sales, marketing and customer service professionals.

All Salesforce customers – including the Commonwealth Bank, Vodafone Hutchinson Australia and the Bank of Queensland in Australia – were automatically upgraded to Salesforce1 overnight.

The Salesforce1 launch marks the first time that has renamed its flagship CRM platform since 1999. founder and CEO Marc Benioff has previously talked up how the cloud model removed the need for the big upgrades and new software versions.

But Sydney-based product marketing management director Derek Laney told Business Insider Australia that Salesforce1 had been named to help “communicate to the market so that people take advantage of the capabilities that are there”.

“[Salesforce1] doesn’t necessarily refer to the version number – it refers to one experience for the user. One application for everything,” he said.

“I think one of the challenges we have in being a cloud company and moving so fast is that sometimes, we’re ahead of our customers.

“We need to do a lot of work to communicate to our customers to bring them with us. We want to future-proof their businesses and that means from a marketing perspective, we need to tell them, ‘This is something new. You need to think about this in a different way’.” announces its Q3 2013 results on Monday evening in the US. Stocks were down almost 2% to $56.19 as of 2.20pm EST.

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