Employee morale at Twitter is reportedly tanking as possible acquisition talks continue

Despite reports that it had lost interest in the company, it appears Salesforce may still want to buy Twitter as the two companies are still involved in negotiations, The New York Times reported on Monday.

Amid uncertainty of the possible acquisition, morale at Twitter has declined so much, that some employees have stopped showing up for work, the report said.

“Rank-and-file staff members are frustrated about being in the dark on the company’s future,” The Times’ Mike Isaac wrote. “A handful of employees have stopped showing up for work entirely,” he added, citing several insiders.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is said to be warming up to the idea of selling off the company after initially being hesitant about entertaining an acquisition.

Over the past several weeks, companies including Google and Apple have been rumoured to be considering a bid for the struggling social-media platform.

As Google reportedly backed out of negotiations last week and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff commented about possibly losing interest in the company, Twitter’s stock plunged 20%.

Last year, the company laid off 8% of its employees and lingering whispers of an acquisition have spurred rumours of layoffs.

Employees criticised management for the way it handled the layoffs at the time — some of whom found out when they were unexpectedly locked out of their company email accounts.

Twitter is set to announce its third-quarter earnings on Oct. 27.

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