Here's another sign that Salesforce is cozying up with a nicer Microsoft Marc CEO Marc Benioff

In another sign of cozying up with long-time nemesis Microsoft, Salesforce has released a new app that makes integration between Salesforce Analytics Cloud and Microsoft Excel a lot easier.

On Monday, Salesforce launched the Salesforce Wave Connector App for Excel, which basically allows users of Salesforce’s Analytics platform Wave to import Excel data with a few simple mouse clicks. Once the data’s in the Wave platform, users can create all kinds of charts and tables, getting a much better visual analysis of their data.

“This is an incredible partnership for us with Microsoft to take information that might be in Excel, whether it’s your quota, target, or lead tracking, and bringing it into the Analytics Cloud in a very visual way,” Anna Rosenman, Salesforce Analytics Cloud’s senior director of product marketing told us. “If you have thousands of leads, it might not be to easy to visualise it in a spreadsheet format.”

Here’s a quick look at what it would look like on Wave:

Monday’s new release is an extension of the broader collaboration deal between Microsoft and Salesforce announced last May. The two companies said they would work closer for enhanced interoperability between Salesforce and Microsoft apps, including plans to allow Salesforce to run on Windows devices and Office 365.

In fact, Microsoft and Salesforce have been forging a nicer relationship since Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella came on board to lead the company. In the past, Benioff has been openly critical of ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, saying he “did everything he could to not have a relationship with Salesforce.” But since Nadella’s appointment last year, Salesforce has launched products that integrate with Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, and Office 365, becoming one of its biggest partners.

The new Wave Connector for Excel is also expected to further expand Wave’s appeal to business customers. Wave is the new analytics software Salesforce announced at last year’s Dreamforce, its big annual conference held in San Francisco. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff touts it as the “greatest product” it’s ever built, and latest analyst reports indicate it’s quickly gaining traction among even the largest enterprise customers.

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