See How Salesforce Has Expanded From A Small House To The Tallest Building In San Francisco CEO Marc BenioffJustin Sullivan/Getty CEO Marc Benioff

Salesforce, worth about $US35 billion, is now the fifth-largest software company in the world.

But like any other company, Salesforce was once a tiny startup.

We took a walk down memory lane to see exactly where Salesforce started, and where it is headed when its new HQ opens in 2017.

Here’s the Salesforce story so far.

The four founders of Salesforce had their first office in the historic Telegraph Hill neighbourhood of San Francisco.

Telegraph Hill is a wealthy neighbourhood. You have to remember, this wasn't some poor startup from a Berkeley garage. Benioff was a star executive at Oracle at the time.

In fact, the office was right next to Benioff's own house. It has amazing views.

Telegraph Hill is a big one. You have to walk up a lot of stairs.

Lots and lots of stairs.

Here's what the back of the apartment looks like.

Once you get to the top, you see Coit Tower, the landmark tower in San Francisco.

This is the front entrance of their first office. It was apparently a one-bedroom apartment.

Benioff says there wasn't any office furniture. 'What we lacked in furnishings, we made up for with an amazing view of the SF Bay Bridge,' Benioff wrote.

In late 1999, Salesforce outgrew its first office. So it moved to Rincon Center in downtown San Francisco.

At the time, Salesforce had a little more than 10 employees, but Benioff leased nearly 8,000 sq. ft of office space. The other founders were not so happy about it.

'That's way too much space. We'll never use it all,' Salesforce cofounder Parker Harris told Benioff when they first moved to Rincon Center. Within a year, they had to move to a larger space.

Salesforce still owns space at Rincon Center. It has a nice little garden area in the middle.

In 2000, Salesforce moved to The Landmark on One Market St. It still serves as its global headquarters.

Salesforce logos are everywhere in the entrance, but it doesn't occupy the whole building.

The Landmark is located right next to the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Salesforce also has offices at 50 Fremont St., the 41-story building in San Francisco's SoMa district. Last year, it bought the whole tower for $640 million.

Salesforce is the largest tech employer in San Francisco, with more than 1,100 employees in the city alone. It has a total of nine offices in SF, including the Salesforce Tower which is scheduled to open 2017.

The Salesforce Tower, currently under construction, is located right across the street from the 50 Fremont building.

It literally takes up the whole block.

The new Salesforce Tower will be 62 stories high, making it the tallest office building in San Francisco.

Salesforce will lease half of the building once it's complete in 2017. It will pay $560 million over 15 and a half years.

This is what the view would look like from the top of the building.

Now that you've seen the offices of San Francisco's largest tech employer...

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