The meteoric rise of Salesforce in one chart

Salesforce has been on a crazy growth trajectory over the past few years. It’s been repeatedly beating sales projections, and its stock continues to reach record-high levels.

In fact, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff likes to claim that Salesforce is the fastest growing enterprise software company ever, even promising to get to $US10 billion in sales faster than any of his competitors.

One chart that illustrates Salesforce’s meteoric rise can be found in the slide deck it shared during Tuesday’s annual Investor Day.

It shows Salesforce overtaking two of the largest legacy vendors, Oracle and SAP, in the customer relationship management (CRM) software industry in just the past two years. While Oracle and SAP continue to decline in market share, Salesforce now owns over 18% of the market, almost double what it had 5 years ago:

Salesforce Oracle SAPSalesforceSalesforce’s growth has been remarkable.

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