Salesforce wants to make more sense out of the data from your own devices

Salesforce rolled out a new product called IoT Cloud on Tuesday, spearheading the company’s move towards the “Internet of Things,” or making sense out of data collected from all kinds of devices.

With its new product, Salesforce users will be able to collect data from devices connected to the web, and then plug it into the massive customer interaction data stored in its Salesforce software. By doing so, users will be able to make informed decisions more effectively, based on actual data.

For example, a smart thermostat maker can sift through all kinds of data including weather forecasts and previous user behaviour to come up with the most energy efficient usage strategy. An automobile manfacturer can proactively reach out to customers before they see the “check engine” status light up on their car.

“There’s a world of data being delivered by our devices, and there’s a world of customer intereaction data being created at the same time,” Dylan Steele, Salesforce’s senior director of product marketing, told Business Insider. “It helps you make smarter decisions because the more data you’re working off of, the better your knowledge of your customers, and ultimately the smarter your system’s become.”

The new IoT Cloud is another indication of Salesforce’s move towards something called “big data” analytics. Last year, Salesforce released its first data analytics platform called Wave Analytics. On Tuesday, Salesforce also released a new product called Salesforce IQ, a more predictive and analytic app that can be added to Salesforce’s existing product.

Today’s announcemenet coincides with the start of Dreamforce, the big annual conference Salesforce hosts every year in downtown San Francisco. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is expected to furhter explain about the company’s roadmap and plans to use IoT Cloud and Salesforce IQ during his keynote speech scheduled for Wednesday.

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