Salesforce just invested in a startup bringing wearables to the workplace

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff at 2013 DreamforceJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesSalesforce CEO Marc Benioff

Salesforce Ventures was part of a $US10 million, Series B round raised by APX Labs, a software maker for wearables at work, Washington Business Journal reported on Thursday.

It’s unclear who led the round or how much Salesforce put in it, but the deal is another clear sign that Salesforce is serious about wearable devices at work.

APX Labs’ software can instantly turn wearable devices, like Google Glass and Apple Watch, to something useful at work. Based on what we see in its videos, APX Labs’ software integrates various devices and helps improve workflow, like contract approval and sending emails, with a simple tap on the device. Its software is mostly used in heavy industries like energy, automotive, and aerospace.

The way APX Labs’ software works is right in line with what Salesforce cofounder Parker Harris recently described as the best use case of the Apple Watch at work. He said, aside from the obvious benefits of taking quick phone calls and text messages, the Watch could make it easy to make approvals straight from the device.

Salesforce has been one of the earliest adopters of wearable devices among enterprise software companies. Its app was the only true enterprise app shown during Apple’s Watch launch event, and its CEO Marc Benioff has been one of the most vocal supporters of wearables since at least 2008.

Some of the other wearable-related startups Salesforce Ventures invested in include conference calling software Speakeasy and’s smartwatch company Puls.

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