Salesforce Scrapped Insane Plans To Build This Hideous Campus

Salesforce new HQ


Last June, unveiled plans for a crazy new corporate campus in the Mission Bay neighbourhood of San Francisco.Now, the project is dead. Salesforce abruptly canceled it in February, right before the city of San Francisco was due to give its sign-off.

At the time, Salesforce said it would need more space before the campus could be done.

But as Reuters reports today, cost estimates were rising, and employees were mixed about the plan, with about half of them disapproving. A lot of outsiders questioned if the campus was necessary, or simply a monument to CEO Marc Benioff’s ego. Finally, a real estate expert convinced Benioff to take a lease on a big vacancy in a downtown SF building instead.

Now, Salesforce is trying to find a buyer for the 14-acre plot of land.

Here’s what it would have looked like. Imagine — all this could be yours!

Here's the view from San Francisco Bay. Yes, those are the real colours.

This is from the street side.

A reflecting pool with a video screen over it.

The view from the cafe.

A terrace overlooking the bay.

That building in front is called the Jacaranda. The one next to it is named Pink.

A big open courtyard inside one of the buildings.

A shiny metal sphere.

An aerial view showing the campus in relation to downtown San Francisco.

Salesforce isn't the only company planning some trippy new buildings.

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