A Salesforce IT contractor was killed when a boat full of employees capsized

Wikimedia CommonsDel Valle Regional Park.

A body found in a lake 50 miles east of Salesforce’s headquarters in San Francisco has been confirmed to be missing Salesorce contract employee Raghavendra Indugula, CBS San Francisco reports.

Indugula, 31, got in a boat with several of his co-workers on Friday, October 2, when the boat capsized and he went missing.

Last Wednesday morning a body was found in the lake, and it took a couple of days for the the Alameda County coroner to confirm the identity of the body.

Indugula was in the boat as part of a team-building activity for the company, according to some reports, but Salesforce has refused to confirm or deny whether it was an official company event.

As we previously reported, after Indugula was lost in the 50-foot deep Del Valle Lake, crews searched for him on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. A fisherman found the body on Wednesday.

Indugula was one of eight Salesforce employees who were reportedly the last group to be returning from an offsite meeting at the Hetch Hetchy campground in Del Valle Regional Park at 6:30 p.m. when the boat started taking on water. The other employees jumped off the 14-foot aluminium boat and swam the 50 to 60 yards to shore but Indugula didn’t make it.

No one had been wearing life jackets, East Bay Regional Parks spokesperson Carolyn Jones told NBC.

Indugula moved to the Bay Area from Atlanta and took the job at Salesforce about 7 months ago, according to his LinkedIn profile. He was married with a one-year-old daughter, the Contra Costa Times reported.

Salesforce confirmed that Indugula was a contractor in Salesforce’s IT organisation, but never confirmed that he and the other employees were involved in an official, sanctioned company event.

A spokesperson says, “Our thoughts and prayers are with Raghu’s family and friends during this difficult time.”

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