Employees Appalled By Office Politics

“Politics play a huge role in your career path,” says one employee on company reviews site “If your not part of the ‘club’ then your path is going to be a long one, even with success.” 

This is a common perception at the company. In fact, 29% of (CRM) employees who have reviewed the company on use the words ‘politics’ or ‘political.’ The average across all companies is 6.5%.

Some other comments:

  • “Advancement really depends on political posturing and dealing with that takes away from the fun of the actual work.” — Senior Business Analyst based in San Francisco:
  • “Most promotions are based on political savvy instead of your contribution to the company.” — A Manager of Sales Strategy, also in San Francisco:
  • “Internal promotion has become political and long-winded,” says an employee in sales
  • “A very young, aggressive, smart and energized workforce has its downside: intense politics. If you are not in the right place or plugged in with the right crowd, it’s hard to get ahead,” wrote a Senior Program Manager in San Francisco.

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