President Saleh Will Not Return To Yemen, Says Saudi Official


Photo: AP

Confirming two weeks of speculation, a Saudi official announced Friday that Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh will not be returning to power.According to The Telegraph, the official told AFP, “The Yemeni president will not return to Yemen.”

No word yet on where Saleh will call home, but the official suggested Saleh could be leaving Saudi Arabia for another country. It is also remained unclear if the decision not to return was made by the former president or decided for him by Saudi officials.

Yemen denied the report, saying President Saleh would be back home within days.

After being rushed to Saudi Arabia following a June 4 bombing attempt on his life, little has been heard from Saleh and reports of his health have been unclear.

The man in charge since the president’s departure, Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi has been under growing pressure to accept protesters demands and set up an interim ruling council to prevent Saleh from returning to power.

The deposed ruler has led Yemen since 1978 and despite the offer of immunity, was tenaciously refusing to cede power when he was attacked — his presidential term was scheduled to end in 2013.

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