Here Is How Much More College Football Coaches Are Paid Compared To Other Sports

It is no secret that football programs are the big money-makers at large universities so it should be no surprise that the football coaches also make more money than other college coaches.

However, the disparity between the pay for football coaches and other sports is quite jarring when they are stacked up next to each other in the chart below.

In 2013, head football coaches in the Football Bowl Subdivision (née Division I-A) had a median salary of $US1.9 million, while their assistant coaches had a combined median salary of $US2.6 million. The only sport even close is men’s basketball where head coaches had an median salary of $US1.2 million in 2013.

Women’s basketball coaches had a median salary of $US374,000, the only women’s sport where the head coaches have a salary over $US150,000.

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