UK Business Secretary Sajid Javid accepted a £9,800 upgrade from Emirates Airlines even though he makes decisions on Airbus contracts

Business Secretary Sajid Javid has reported that he accepted an upgrade from an airline worth thousands of pounds. The disclosure was made in the latest register of Members’ Financial Interests, the log of MPs’ potential financial conflicts of interest.

Javid wrote that during a “personal journey” with Emirates Airlines on Boxing Day last year, he accepted an upgrade worth a total value of between £4,700 and £9,800.

In his role at the Secretary of State for Business, Skills and Innovation, Javid makes decisions that could have a direct impact on Emirates Airlines. For instance, he is the person who decides whether taxpayer money is used to fund an upgrade to Airbus’ A380 plane. Emirates Airlines is the biggest buyer of the A380.

The Conservative Party has not yet responded to Business Insider’s questions, asking whether it was appropriate for the Business Secretary to accept the upgrade.

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