While You Were Sleeping, The Saints Scored The Most Points In Modern Football History

Marques Colston

Photo: AP

The New Orleans Saints hung 62 points on the Indianapolis Colts last night — tying the NFL record for most points in a game since the AFL merger in 1970.Drew Brees had a particularly ridiculous stat line in the 62-7 win. He was 31/35 for 325 yards and five touchdowns.

New Orleans also logged 236 rushing yards, and 557 total yards of offence in the game.

So what does it mean?

In reality, not too much.

We all knew the Saints had an explosive offence that could put up a crooked number if it was hitting on all cylinders.

In addition, they were playing against the Colts — a win-less team that’s given up at least 23 points in every game they’ve played.

So while the final score is eye-popping and the stats are nuts, the game didn’t change much.

The Colts stink. And the Saints are an explosive team that can kill bad opponents but have trouble with good ones.

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