This awkward spaghetti recipe is causing online backlash against a British grocery store

Spaghetti bologneseShutterstockJust add coffee.

Last week, British grocery store chain Sainsbury’s launched a new fall campaign called “Twist Your Favourites.” Among their suggestions — which include tasty sounding meals like mac ‘n’ cheese with horseradish and lasagna with chorizo — was a recipe for spaghetti bolognese with instant coffee.

First spotted by BuzzFeed UK’s Patrick Smith, people began posting pictures from their local Sainsbury’s on Twitter and judging the recipe, which recommended “add[ing] instant coffee to your spag bol.”





Soon Twitter was filled with people giving their take on whether this was a viable recipe addition or if it would ruin your spaghetti entirely. Some seemed to be intrigued, while others dismissed the suggestion entirely.