I've Never Seen A Better View Of New York City Than From A Boat In Its Harbor

atlantic cup sailing nyc harbor

Last week, I was invited to take part in the Atlantic Cup Pro-Am, a brief race around New York City that’s part of a larger sailing race up the East Coast.

Racing through the harbor on 40-foot boats was exciting in its own right, but just as exhilarating were the views from the water.

I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan, so it’s easy to forget how beautiful New York can be. It turns out that the best views of the city can be had from the water.

On my trip around the harbor, I got to see lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, four different bridges, the Empire State Building, and more. Even New Jersey looked good.

The boats were anchored in the North Cove Marina, part of Battery Park City.

For those unfamiliar with New York City, Battery Park City is built on landfill on Manhattan's west side.

The marina is used by the Manhattan Yacht Club and the North Cove Sailing School.

And for the occasional sailing race, like the Atlantic Cup.

It's right under the One World Trade centre tower.

The entrance to the marina has a view of the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

Jersey City is right across the harbor.

That's the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which connects Brooklyn to Staten Island, in the distance.

Once out in the water, we got a great view of Lower Manhattan.

We got a look at the three bridges connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn.

And came across buildings we had never seen before.

Most New Yorkers rarely get to see the city from this angle.

That's a shame — it's beautiful.

Especially when you can see the Empire State Building (all the way to the left).

Here's a better angle. You can see the Chrysler Building, too — a bit to the right.

We got very close to the Statue of Liberty at one point.

That's Ellis Island, the famous immigrant entry point, to the right of the statue.

On a sunny day, New Jersey looks good, too.

We weren't the only ones on the water looking for a nice view.

We spotted the Mystic Whaler, a schooner based out of Connecticut, sailing around the harbor.

Of course, the Staten Island ferry was making its regular trips to and from Manhattan.

There are helicopters constantly overhead.

We noticed a little propeller plane over One World Trade centre.

There was a blimp hanging around, too.

But we've decided New York is best seen from the water.

Now see how you don't want to travel.

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