SAICAST: Facebook Should Stop Cloning Popular Apps And Just Buy Instagram

mark zuckerberg


SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PODCAST ON ITUNES HERE >>Pandora’s IPO today was met with moderate enthusiasm from investors. The stock shot up over $20 from its initial $16, but then normalized near its base price.

Nicholas Carlson and Jay Yarow mull over the expansion potential of the company and its operations.

They also take a look at the founding of LinkedIn, another company that went recently public. LinkedIn had a slow start back in 2003, adding just a few thousand users in a couple of months, but made some key decisions that helped the company differentiate itself from other similar startups.

Facebook is in the news today with a new photo sharing feature. Will users migrate to this new service just because it is by Facebook? Unlikely.

Maybe, Mark Zuckerberg should abandon the strategy of creating clones of popular services (example: Facebook Places vs Foursquare) and just buy Instagram.

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