Yahoo Keeps Trying In Search – The SAICast Asks Why

carol bartz

Photo: AP

SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PODCAST ON ITUNES HERE >>Yahoo –  still thinking it’s a player in the search market – launched its answer to Google Instant.

Jay Yarow and Nicholas Carlson delve into the details of this sort-of-decent feature and speculate if it will save Carol Bartz and the company from a looming crash ahead. 

Another buzzing story of the day is that Apple is considering licensing airplay to TV makers. Don’t miss this discussion with exclusive comments from Steve Jobs (impersonator.)

Wrapping up the SAIcast today is the sudden departure of Groupon’s COO. What does this management shift mean for the company?

BONUS: Is there room for moral fibre on Craigslist? Stay with us to the end of the podcast when Jay Yarow shares a personal moral dilemma about selling on the Craigslist.


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