SAI Reading Guide: Fortune On Mark Cuban


Fortune indulges Mark Cuban with a long profile, which reaches a fairly standard conclusion: Cuban is a great attention-getter, but much less successful as a businessman.

When Cuban starts a business, it tends to be a heavily hyped affair. But it’s now seven years into Cuban 2.0, and it’s time to take stock. The entrepreneur made his fortune by co-founding two companies – and before that, MicroSolutions, a computer sales and consulting company – both of which he flipped within seven years.

He doesn’t seem poised for another big score anytime soon. The truth is, Cuban’s pursuit of his next big thing has been as awkward at times as his rumba.

Cuban’s genius move to date: Convincing Yahoo to pay $5.7 billion for, then collaring his Yahoo shares, which ensured he remained a billionaire after the bubble burst. But beyond turning the Dallas Mavericks around, his other deals have yet to pan out: HDNet has no traction amongst cable carriers, his plan to shake up the movie business by compressing release “windows” hasn’t taken off, and his chances of buying the Chicago Cubs seem dim, since he scares the bejesus out of conservative sports team owners.