SAI Reading Guide: Fast Company’s Calacanis Profile

Two Web 1.0 veterans converge in the new issue of Fast Company, where Adam “Shattered Glass” Penenberg profiles Jason “Silicon Alley Reporter” Calacanis. Nicely written but nothing new for anyone who knows Jason: He is loud, pugnacious — from “famously gritty Bay Ridge” (?) — and self-confident. He has made money from past ventures but wants to be much wealthier. And because of the limits of print magazines and their


long-lead times, Adam is only able to describe Mahalo in pre-launch terms, when it was being presented as a “human-powered search”. Now that it’s moved to more of a “how-to” model, much of the article is less relevant.  Fast Company.

Remember Spring ’07? When owning an iPhone was cool?

Update: Jason weighs in in the comments and notes that the interview was conducted only three weeks ago.  Also, he says Mahalo will only create a handful of “how-to” guides; its focus remains “perfect search.”